What Do Public Speakers On Tragedy Talk About?

When tragedy strikes, everyone must come to terms with it in their own ways. People who have not dealt with significant adversity in the past may be at a loss. Professional guidance can help people navigate their feelings about the tragedy in healthy and productive ways. Hiring a public speaker to talk about overcoming tragedy can benefit your entire organization. Here are some topics a public speaker on tragedy from an organization like Reborn Resilient can touch on. 

1. Acknowledging Your Feelings

First and foremost, you must acknowledge your feelings following a tragedy. Your first instinct may be to keep your emotions to yourself. However, hiding your feelings won't allow you to address them. During a speech about overcoming tragedy, a speaker will talk about the importance of facing yourself. Only when you're honest about the extent of your own emotions can you work toward resolving them.

2. Choosing Productive Outlets For Your Energy

For some people, a tragedy is an energizing event. You may feel full of rage or sadness. Part of coping with tragedy is dealing with this energy in healthy ways. During a seminar on overcoming grief, your speaker may talk about various productive outlets you can choose. Making art is therapeutic for some people. Spending time with friends, exercising, and participating in hobbies can help you channel your grief in healthy ways.

3. Finding Community With Other People

Humans need each other. Healthy relationships promote emotional well-being. A sense of community is especially important in the wake of a tragedy. Talking with people who have gone through the same experiences that you have can help you feel understood and connected. A motivational speaker will talk about the importance of sharing your feelings with others. Isolation can make the difficult time following a tragedy even harder.

4. Seeking Professional Help

There's no shame in seeking professional mental healthcare. Mental health specialists are trained to help people who are going through hard times. You don't need to be diagnosed with a mental illness to benefit from therapy. Grief counselors specialize in guiding people through the grieving process. After a tragedy occurs, you should seek professional help if you feel you're having difficulty coping. There is no judgment involved in therapy. Seeking help does not mean you're weak or inadequate; in fact, seeing a therapist can be a sign of great emotional maturity and strength. Your speaker may provide mental health resources that audience members can follow up on.

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